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Inside Out Valeting in Colchester and surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a valet take to complete?

A: The time taken depends upon the size, condition of the vehicle and the valet requested. The approximate times are listed below:

  • Full valet - 3.5 hours
  • Mini valet & polish - 2 hours
  • Interior valet - 2 hours
  • Exterior valet - 1.5 hours

Q: What materials do you use?

A: I source materials from a number of suppliers including Autoglym, 3M and Autovalet. The selection is dependent upon the performance and final finish of the product.

Q: Will the upholstery be dry?

A: Normally your upholstery will be dry between 1 - 4 hours depending on the weather conditions and the depth of soiling. I leave all vehicles with disposable seat covers enabling you to immediately use your vehicle.

Q: Do you provide discounts for regular users?

A: Our prices are competitive and if appropriate I would consider price discounts.

Q: What methods of payment are available?

A: At present Cash , Cheque or BACS are the methods available.

I us Autoglym Products I use Mer Products I use Meguiars Products I use 3M Products

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